The Potters Bar Crib League organise a number of competitions throughout the season. The main competition are the two Leagues where each team plays each other at home or away. Two points are awarded for a win plus the number of "legs" won in each game.

Each of these trophies is always highly contested by keen players in the Potters Bar area. Each competition has a different format, allowing for a good range of games across the season. Take a look below to see details of each competition

Click here to see details of who our trophies are named after.

Mike Russle Cup

A knock-out cup, the Mike Russle Cup is played by all teams. Winners from the first round go through to a second round, then semi-final and final.

Jim Elleston Trophy

The 1st Round losers in the Mike Russle Cup play in another trophy, called the Jim Elleston Trophy. This is again a straight knock-out cup with the final played on the same night as the MR Cup


In addition, there are two separate Shield competitions. Winners of these go forward to a final and play for the Richard Hempstead Shield. These consist of standard games as above in a mini-league format.

Singles and Pairs

During the year there are also two other tournaments - one for pairs and one for singles. In each of 8 separate venues, players (or pairs) play in a simple knock-out competition on the night. The 8 winners from each venue then play in a finals night, again on a knock out basis to determine the overall winner.

The results are available for all competitions by clicking the appropriate links on the left.