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11th December

Division One
BSCA v OH Bowls
Lords v Exchequers
Black Horse v Steamers

Division Two
Kitch v PBCC
Jokers v Builders
3 Horseshoes v SCCC

Magazine Entry

We have managed to secure another entry in a local magazine to publicise the Cribbage League, this time the Potters Bar Community News. The article can be downloaded below. If there is any interest shown, they will be directed to their local team.

Cribbage Article

Fixtures 2023/4

The final fixtures, with the MR Cup draw can be downloaded below:

2023/4 Fixtures (pdf)


Subs for the new season were set at £35. Our bank account, with Metro Bank, has now been set up and tested. The details are:

Account name: Potters Bar Cribbage League
Account number: 46929429
Sort Code 23-05-80


No player shall play more than 2 games except in the event of only 4/5/6 players being available, then players are permitted to play 3 games which can consist of either 2 singles and a double, or 2 doubles and a single.

Might be good to carry the rules with you (maybe on your smartphone) so you can whip them out and sort any dispute. Download them here

Quiz Details

Interested in pub quizzes? Find details of local quizzes below.

Interested in Playing?

If you would like to play, contact us at the Potters Bar and District Crib League (email admin@pbcrib.co.uk or call 07711019313). We can put you in touch with your local team who will welcome you and offer a few friendly games to get you started. For beginners there is a guide to Cribbage on the website here

To learn the game there are some good cribbage games you can download to your mobile phone or tablet. Cribbage Pro (by Fuller systems) is recommended.


4th December

Mike Russle Cup first round
Jokers v BYE
Kitcheners 2 v SCCC 7
OHB 4 v Builders 5
Black Horse v BYE
Lords 5 v BSCA 2
Steamers v BYE
PBCC 3 v Exchequers 6
Three Horse Shoes v BYE

27th November

Division One
OH Bowls 7 v Lords 2
Steamers 4 v BSCA 5
Exchequers 2 v Black Horse 7

Division Two
Kitcheners 3 v Jokers 6
Builders 4 v 3 Horseshoes 5

20th November at 8PM

Division One
Lords 4 v Black Horse 5
BSCA 2 v Exchequers 7
OH Bowls 6 v Steamers 3

Division Two
SCCC 3 v Kitcheners 6
PBCC 5 v Builders 4
3 Horseshoes 8 v Jokers 1

13th November

Division One
BSCA 5 v Lords 4
Black Horse 5 v OH Bowls 4
Steamers 3 v Exchequers 6

Division Two
Kitcheners 5 v Builders 4
Jokers 5 v SCCC 4
PBCC 5 v 3 Horseshoes 4

6th November 2023 at 8pm

Singles 1st Round

The Singles winners were:
BSCA: John Allen (BH)
Black Horse: Lez Steed (Jokers)
OH Bowls: Alan Seager (Steamers)
Jokers: Chris Cameron (BH)
Lords: Paul Beavis (Steamers)
Steamers: Alan Bullock(Steamers)
Builders: Roy Metselaar (BH)
Three Horseshoes: Tracey Papa (BH)