Singles & Pairs
Details of the singles and Doubles are below
Comp Pairs Singles
First Round Date 22nd Feb 2022 13th December 2021
Final Date 23rd May 2022 30th May 2022
Venues BH Builders
1 D Broomfield/L Murphy (OHB) Roy Metselaar (BH)
2 D Thompson/P Lawrence (Kitch) Graham Pearce (BSCA)
3 R Masters/C Cushen (SCCC) Jeff Aldworth (OHB)
4 P Grant/D Sparrow (Exch) Warwick Bell (BH)
5 T Wraite/R Payne (BSCA) Keith Saunders (Builders)
6 D Radford/S Green (Jokers) Tina Barnett (Lords)
7 L Bailey/C Dye (Exchq) Ruth Guest (Kitch)
8 M Brennan/M Teale (Exchq) John Allen (BH)

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