Singles & Pairs
Details of the singles and Doubles are below
Comp Pairs Singles
First Round Date 5 February 20 November
Final Date 23 April 30 April
1 J Slawson/S Naughten (St S) Sally Gunning (Jokers)
2 L Carter/M Beasley (Builders) John Allen (BH)
3 H Smith/P Brewster (Kitch) Graham Pearce (St St)
4 J Huntley/S Mostyn (Woodhouse) Roy Metselaar (White Hart)
5 S Gunning/John (Jokers) Linda Bailey (WH)
6 A Papa and J Allen (BH) Ian Saunders (Mitre)
7 A Delarue & I Bunting (Kitch) Patrice Mulligan (Mitre)
8 A Cavallini/J Drews (PBCC) John Clark (Jokers)

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