Singles & Pairs
Details of the singles and Doubles are below
Comp Pairs Singles
First Round Date 6 February 21 November
Final Date 24 April 8 May
Venues Sebright St Stephens
1 Howard Smith/Peter Brewster (Kitch) Trevor Down (EBRBL)
2 Jim Huntley/Steve Mostyn (Wood) Peter Brewster (Kitch)
3 Alan Seager/Bob Whitlam (POW Richard Reeve (Sebright)
4 Brian Kent/Tina Barnett (EBRBL) Cliff Dye (Chequers)
5 Jean Scott/Barry Woodman (Chq) David Silver (SCCC)
6 Doug Read/Gill Smith (Kitch) Ron Masters (SCCC)
7 John Allen/Alan Papa (BH) Mike Teale (Chequers)
8 Sue Green/Di Radford (Jokers) John Allen (Black Horse)

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