Singles & Pairs
Details of the singles and Doubles are below
Comp Pairs Singles
First Round Date 25th February 2019 19th November 2018
Final Date 15th April 2019 29th April 2019
1 R Enright/S Newton-Short (PBCC) Bob Whitlam (POW)
2 M Brennan/M Teale (Chq) Doug Read (Kitchener)
3 T Heaney/R Masters (SCCC) David Brummitt (Oak Hill Bowls)
4 L Berry/L Lawless (SCCC) Mike Teale (Chequers)
5 D McDonnell/D Silver (SCCC) Mick Brennan (Chequers)
6 A Seagar/C Rogers (POW) Ron Masters (SCCC)
7 A Papa/ John Allen (BH) Seamus Naghten (St Stephens)
8 J Purton/A Brunning (Chq) Andy Nash (Jokers)

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