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The AGM is on the 3rd September at EBRBL. Agenda, minutes etc to follow.

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Subs (£40) can be paid by cheque or use the crib bank account to make a transfer (sort 20-95-61 account 90988294 ref Your team name)

Rules No player shall play more than 2 games except in the event of only 4/5/6 players being available, then players are permitted to play 3 games which can consist of either 2 singles and a double, or 2 doubles and a single.

Might be good to carry the rules with you (maybe on your smartphone) so you can whip them out and sort any dispute. Download them here

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As the season concludes, well done to the winners....b>

21st May 2018

Mike Russle Cup Final at the PBCC

White Hart 2 v Prince of Wales 7

Elleston Trophy Final at Owens

Chequers 2 v BSCA 5

14th May 2018

Richard Hempstead Shield Final at the Mitre

EBRBL 4 v Jokers 5

30th April 2018

Singles Final at the Builders at 8.00pm

Ian Saunders (Mitre) beat John Allen (BH)

Division One

Prince of Wales 8 v Chequers 1

23rd April 2018

Pairs Final at the Prince of Wales start 8.00pm

A Delarue & I Bunting (Kitch) beat A Papa and J Allen (BH)

Mike Russle Cup semi-final

White Hart 6 v Mitre 3

16th April 2018

Division One

Woodhouse 6 v Black Horse 3
White Hart 6 v St Stephens 3

9th April 2018

Mike Russle Semi Final

White Hart v Mitre (postponed to 23 April)
Woodhouse 3 v Prince of Wales 5

Elleston Trophy

SCCC 1 v Chequers 5
Kitcheners 3 v BSCA 6

26th March 2018

Division One

Chequers 2 v St Stephens 7
Black Horse 5 v Jokers 4
Prince of Wales 4 v EBRBL 5
Woodhouse 5 v White Hart 4

19th March 2018

Division One

EBRBL 7 v Woodhouse 2
Jokers 4 v Prince of Wales 5
St Stephens 5 v Black Horse 4
White Hart 7 v Chequers 2

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